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Bill is feeling unwell so he made an appointment to see his Dr. Here is the story of Bill's visit to the Doctor.

To hear what the characters are saying, pass the cursor over the speech bubbles (words).

Would you like to examine me more thoroughly?
Open your mouth and say 'ahhhhhhhh'.
I will. See you soon doctor.
but if I don't get better I will be back for another check up.
I know you will Bill. Take your prescription to the chemists, get some rest, and kindly take my advice and diagnosis seriously.
Thanks doc
You should also take a day off work and rest.Take some time off. You need to get better.
I will take them obediently and diligently.
Very funny. This medication won't be a problem then.
Stethoscopes and peanuts.
I am going to prescribe some tablets. I want you to take them 3 times daily after every meal. That's one after breakfast, one after lunch, and one after dinner. Are you allergic to anything?
Don't be a hypochondriac Bill, it is just a cold. Now I am going to write you a prescription for some medicine.
Are you sure? You examined me very quickly.
Very good. It looks like you have a slight fever. I thought you might have the flu, but I believe it is simply a cold.