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Adverbs of manner

Adverbs add or embellish the verb. They are the words that tell us how the verb is being performed. They describe the action and are usually found after the verb but there are some exceptions.


  • Jane is walking more easily after the operation.
  • John applied the ointment carefully.
  • Jane coughed violently.
  • During the barbeque John accidentally burned himself.
  • While cooking Jane accidentally cut her hand.
  • After a long time John eventually healed.
  • Jane obediently took all her prescription medicine.
  • Peter ran to the hospital quickly after having an accident..
  • Peter is trying desperately to find the first aid kit.
  • Jessica was crying loudly because of the pain.
Rules for adverbs of manner:
Adverbs of manner are made by adding -ly to the adjective.
Bad arrow Badly  
When the word ends in a y we must omit the y and add ily:
Busy arrow Busily   Happy arrow Happily    
A few adverbs of manner have the same form as the adjective.
Ex: Hard, late, fast

Some adverbs are very different from the adjective.

Good (adjective) arrow Well (adverb)

Ex: He's a good (adjective) doctor.
Ex: He is recovering
well (adverb) from the operation.