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Bill is feeling unwell so he made an appointment to see his Dr. Here is the story of Bill's visit to the Doctor.

To hear what the characters are saying, pass the cursor over the speech bubbles (words).

Now cough lightly.
Breath deeply, please.
Purely accidental, Bill. It's not like I freeze it deliberately.
Okay, I am ready for it.
Okay, but do it cautiously because your stethoscope is always cold.
Ok, well let's examine you carefully and find out what the problem is. Lift your shirt please and I will examine your heartbeat with my stethoscope.
I don't feel dizzy, but I do feel weak and tired.
Do you feel dizzy?
Not really.
I see. Do you have a pain in your chest?
I have a headache, a slightl fever, and I am congested. Also, I've got a sore throat.
Well, what's wrong?
I don't feel well.
How are you, Bill?