If you get ill or do not feel well you can go to your family doctor or general practitioner Normally you need to make an appointment, however if it is an emergency, you can go the emergency department.

The doctor will ask you what symptoms you have. They may include a headache, sore throat, fever, dizziness, upset stomach, cough, congestion, etc. The doctor will then examine you. He/she may take your temperature, take your blood pressure, or take your pulse. The doctor then makes a diagnosis and gives you a prescription for some medicine to cure your illness.

The prescription must be taken to the chemists or pharmacy. The medicine may be syrup, drops, or pills/tablets. The dosage depends on the type of medicine you are prescribed. If you are ill, you should take some days off to rest and recover.

This treatment should allow you to get better, however if you do not improve, you may need to see the doctor again for more tests or even go to the hospital and see a specialist. You may need to have an operation or procedure to treat your illness. After this, you should visit your doctor regularly for a check-up or medical.

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