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Intermediate English - B1


Intermediate English - B2


Preintermediate English - A2

Why should I take these courses?

  • Vocabulary

    More than 1,000 words with pictures, definitions and audios.

  • Grammar

    Detailed video content to understand grammar and use of English in a variety of contexts.

  • Listening

    Entertaining and useful exercises with different Native speakers so you can practice with different accents and truly learn how people really speak.

  • Writing

    Exercises guided and corrected by certified teachers—learn how to write reports, emails, reviews and more!

  • Speaking

    Weekly Speaking classes focused on reviewing course content, correcting your common mistakes and improving your fluency and understan-ding. With our Speaking classes you’ll quickly gain English fluency, perfect for your personal and professional goals.

  • Teachers

    Experienced, native and bilingual teachers who will help you fix your common mistakes and resolve your doubts during the course.

  • English exams (Cambridge, Trinity, etc)

    Preparing for an English exam? Our content follows English exam standards so you will get lots of practice and feedback on how to pass these exams.

  • Diploma

    Get your diploma upon successful completion of the course.