With the Alphabet conversations you will be able to hear the alphabet through acronyms.

These are abbreviations formed from the initial components in a phrase. For example UK comes from United Kingdom.


To hear what the characters are saying, move the cursor over the speech bubbles (words).

I think it was called the KGB
I really don’t know Peter, please, let me sleep…!!
And do you think the NHS, the UN and the IMF are important organizations nowadays?
I don’t know.
USA = the United States of America.
CIA = Central Intelligence Agency.
FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation.
UK = United Kingdom.
IMF = International Monetary Fund.
UN = United Nations.
NHS = National Health Service.
I don’t know.
What was the name of the security agency in the old URSS?
What about in the UK, Scotland Yard, the army..?
What do you think is more important in the USA for national security? the CIA or the FBI?
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