the english academy
F-A-S-S-B-I-N-D-E-R, It’s a German surname. My Grandpa was born in Germany.
How do you spell that?
and your surname?
My name is Mark
So, what’s your first name?
Ok, ask me.
Very good, I need you to answer some questions for a form to complete your student file.
It sounds perfect to me, I want to take that course.
Ok, very good, there is a group on Tuesdays and Thursdays from five pm until half past six and the price is 80 pounds per month or 240 per term.
I am interested in taking a Spanish course; I would like to join a beginners group.

Sarah works during the summer in a Language school. She is responsible for answering the phone to inform people about the courses and filling in the students' forms with their personal information.

Yes, it is. What can I do for you?
Hello, is this the language academy?

In this story you will be able to learn typical questions to request personal information and the answers to them, for example your name, your address or your phone number. In addtition we can review basic vocabulary such as the alphabet and numbers.

To hear what the characters are saying, move the cursor over the speech bubbles (words).