Reading: Clothes & urban tribes II

Clothes: Urban tribes - trends II

The 90s - Goths and Emos

goths Goths are usually people with a dark, negative view on life and their style shows this. Goths wear only black clothes. Most of the clothes are baggy. Both male and female goths wear makeup, normally to make their face look very pale and their eyes and lips black. Goths have many piercings all over their body. Goths usually wear accessories such as black wristbands and cross necklaces.


Emos are similar to goths in that they wear dark clothes. Emo comes from the word emotional. Emos normally also have a pessimistic view on life and want to be taken more seriously. Although Emos wear dark clothes many have very expressive, bright dyed hair, for example pink or green, although some do have dark hair. almost all Emos have a long fringe which covers their eyes. Emos usually have black painted nails.

The 00s - Rappers and Chavs

rapper People who perform or listen to rap music also have an urban tribe. The rapper style consists entirely of non-brand extremely baggy clothes. This tribe usually always wear a hoodie (a jumper with a hood) and they wear the hood at almost all times with a cap also underneath. Rappers wear a lot of jewellery such as gold chains, gold rings and gold watches. They always wear trainers.


hippy Chavs are an urban tribe of people who come from a lower class background. Chavs wear branded clothes and large, expensive jewellery. A chavs fashion is very artificial. Female chavs will wear fake tan, fake hair and eyelash extensions, fake nails, wear lots of makeup and revealing tops. Males will wear sports clothes with trainers and gold jewellery. they will also wear hoodies or a sports cap to hide their faces. they are always well shaven and have shaved heads or very short hair.