Imperatives I

Imperatives I

Imperatives are verbs used to give orders, commands,warning or instructions.

To make the imperative, use the infinitive of the verb without "to"
Stand up!
Sit down!
Be quiet!


To make a negative imperative, put "do not" or "don't" before the verb:
Don't go!
Do not talk in class.


Note that an imperative sentence does not require a subject; the pronoun "you" is implied.

You can also use "let's" before the verb if you are including yourself in the imperative. The negative of "let's" is "let's not".

Let's open your books to page 35.
Let's finish for today.
Let's do the exercise toguether.
Let's discuss this issue.


Adults do not usually give each other orders, unless they are in a position of authority. However, adults can give orders to children and to animals.

Sit down now!