Grammar:Object pronouns

Object Pronouns

Subjects are what the sentence is about.

Objects are what are affected by the action of the subject.

I read books.
I is the subject. Books is the object as it is receiving the action.


read Object pronouns are used instead of nouns, usually because we already know what the object is. It makes the sentence easier to read and understand and avoids repetition. We normally use object pronouns after a verb or a preposition.



Can you take me to the bus station?
I don’t have my car today. Can I go with you?

Examples replacing the object for a pronoun:

Do you love your wife? - Do you love her?
I always talk to Peter - I always talk to him.
I watched this film last month - I watched it last month.
We’re lost! Can you help my brother and I? - Can you help us?
I call my friends everyday. - I call them everyday.



Personal pronouns Possessive adjectives Object pronouns
I My Me
You Your You
He His Him
She Her Her
It Its It
We Our Us
You Your You
They Their Them