Grammar: adjectives order

Adjective order

  • You put the adjective before the noun.
  • You can put more than one adjective before a noun (often two and occasionally three).
  • These adjectives must go in a particular order.


adjective order


  • A long (size) flowing (other), classic (colour) dress.
  • A big (size), cheap (other), plastic (material) necklace.
  • A stunning (opinion) German (nationality) leather (material) jacket.
  • Hideous (opinion) suede (material) shoes.
  • A lovely (opinion) big (size) winter coat.
  • A short (size) wool (material) skirt.
  • A tight (size) purple (colour) sweater.
  • An expensive (other) old (age), purple, (colour) Japanese (nationality) blouse.
  • A black and white (colour) stripped (material) tie.
  • An colourful (colour), Spanish (nationality), flamenco dress