Crimes - Criminals - Verbs

kidnapping Kidnapping hijacking Hijacking
Kidnapper Hijacker
To kidnap To hijack
Take sb away and demand money for their return Take control of a plane, usually for political reasons.
smuggling Smuggling drug dealing Drug dealing
Smuggler Drug dealer
To smuggle To deal
Take things in or out of a country illegally Sell illegal substances, ex; heroin
rape Rape vandalism Vandalism
Rapist Vandal
To rape To vandalize
Have sex with a person against their will Damage public property for no reason
bribery Bribery theft Theft
To bribe To steal
Pay money to sb (ex: an official) for a favour Take sth (ex: a car) without the owner’s permission.
assassination Assassination murder Murder
Assassin Murderer
To assassinate To murder
Kill a famous or important person for money or for political reasons Kill a person illegally and intentionally (not an important person)
terrorism Terrrorism blackmail Blackmail
Terrorist Blakmailer
  To blackmail
Use violent action for political purposes Force a person to give you money, usually by threatening to expose a secret.
drunk driving Drunk driving gang violence Gang violence
Drunk driver Gang member
To drive drunk  
Driving with an excess of alcohol in the bloodstream. To be a member of a violent group of people.
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