Stuart's day

Every morning Stuart’s alarm clock sounds at half past seven in the morning. Before he gets up, he stays in bed for another ten minutes dozing. He gets up at quarter to eight, then he gets dressed and makes his bed clumsy. After his bed is made, Stuart tidies his room and hangs all his clothes up in the wardrobe and puts his underwear in his drawers. When his room is clean and tidy, he does his maths homework. Stuart is studying very hard, because if he gets good grades he can go on a school trip to Granada, Spain. He is really looking forward to the trip and is saving two pounds a day and puts it into his money box.

Stuart has many photos of his previous trips on his cork board. He looks at them everyday and this motivates him to save money and study hard for his exams. Stuart really loves to play video games, but he tries to be disciplined, and only play them when he finished his homework.

He tries to go to bed early and sets his alarm clock every night for seven thirty a.m. He turns off the lights at ten p.m , and goes to sleep. Sometimes he dreams about the fun he will have on his holiday, and other times he has nightmares about failing his exams and having to stay in grey and rainy London all summer.

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