Kitchen: Gwen's day

The kitchen is commonly known as the heart of the house. It is not only used for cooking, but doing laundry and socialising too, amongst other things. Here is an example of one person using her kitchen.

Gwen’s day.

Gwen is a house wife. She lives in a big house with a beautiful kitchen. Here is an account of a normal day for Gwen.

Today I woke up early. I had to get the children ready for school. I came downstairs to the kitchen, put my apron on and turned on the coffee machine. Then I put some milk in the microave to warm up the children’s chocolate milk and put some bread into the toaster. I had just finished spreading the butter on the toast when the children came down. My husband fried some eggs for our breakfast and at 8.45am everyone left for work and school.

During that morning I was very busy in the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen utensils, cutlery, the chopping board, the work surfaces and the cooker. I also started to prepare the evening meal. We were going to have chicken with roasted vegetables from the oven and I also wanted to bake a cake. The cake took a very long time because the kitchen was very messy and I couldn’t find any of the utensils I needed. The rolling pin, colander and whisk for example. When I finally finished preparing dinner I had time for a quick lunch. I had boiled rice with steamed vegetables and a cup of tea from the kettle.

At about 1.30pm a friend of mine came to visit so we had a quick chat and poured ourselves 2 glasses of wine in the kitchen whilst I washed the dishes and filled the ice trays.

After she left I was about to sit down and relax when my children came through the back door. They were straving and wanted a snack and a hot drink, so I put the kettle on and went to see what food we had in the fridge!

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