Like all countries, England also has traditional foods. Although many people have a stereotyped idea that English people eat a lot of fish and chips and English breakfasts, there are also many other meals which English and British people often eat.

However, Britain has maintained some traditional British food over time. Roast beef, for example, is a typical meal that some households eat, normally on a Sunday afternoon. This is a meal made of beef, Yorkshire puddings, and vegetables including potatoes. Another popular meal is the English breakfast, consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, baked beans mushrooms and tomatoes. However this meal is not only eaten at breakfast and as it is a big dish, it is very normal to eat this for lunch.

Britain also has many famous desserts. Bread and butter pudding, Victoria sponge cake and scones are all very popular choices for an English dessert all of which are often served with custard.

In Britain there are lots of farms, where farmers rear animals such as poultry and cattle. So British people eat a lot of high quality meat, especially beef. Milk and cheese are also made and eaten fresh by British people and they have a lot of different cheeses from different parts of the country.

Other traditional foods across Britain include haggis (which is like morcilla in Spain) in Scotland, Lamb dishes in Wales and Stews from Ireland.

Due to a huge influence of other cultures, Britain’s typical foods are very diverse. For example it is much more common for an English family to eat pizza, curry or chilli for dinner than it is to have fish and chips.


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