Over the ages England has experienced many different fashions and trends. Urban tribes are groups of people defined by the fashion trends which they choose to follow, these fashions are principally influenced by two factors: political movements and music. Here, we are going to look at the different urban tribes and when they began. Starting from 1960 moving towards present day.

Clothes: Urban tribes I

The 60s - Hippies

Hippies wore natural materials such as wool.Their clothes were bright and colourful with tie-dye being especially popular which the people would design and make themselves. Hippies wore no makeup or jewellery, except for flowers, and let their body hair grow. Men usually wore loose clothes such as baggy pants and a t-shirt, whereas women would wear loose fitting dresses or long flowing skirts. Sandals were normally the chosen footwear and circular glasses were often worn.
The 70s - Heavies
Heavies were very loud and bold, just like their fashion. People who followed the Heavy fashion normally had long hair. They wore bandanas and leather gloves as accessories, representing the motorcycle trend. They dressed very casually: simply old jeans and a T-shirt that was normally black. Sometimes the T-shirt had a picture of a Heavy Metal music band. Leather jackets were also popular. Neither women nor men wore accessories but kept it simple. However many men wore bandanas on their heads.
The 80s Rock glam and punk
Glam Rock fashion was influenced by bands like ABBA. They wore over- the- top items such as platform heel shoes, sequined tops and flared trousers/pants. Hair was important for boys and girls and was normally styled long and curly. Men had beards and women wore a lot of makeup.
Punk is a very British fashion. Punk’s fashion aims to shock people. Punks normally have partly shaven hair for example a mohican and many dye their hair. Some also have spiked hair using hair gel and they wear a lot of heavy makeup such as black eyeliner. Punks wear tight -fitting clothes that are sometimes purposely ripped. Studded collars and belts are very fashionable for punks, as are fishnet tights,tartan and lace articles.
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