City centre

City is always bustling. City centers are normally crowded. Many people are walking, vehicles are everywhere. But they are ideal for having fun; shops, bars, monuments are good reasons to walk around.


The city centre stresses me!

Today I must go to the city centre to run for some messages. I hate going to the city centre.

First of all, there is too much traffic. I always get held up in traffic jams which makes me arrive late. So many cars shouldn’t be allowed in the city. In addition, there is too much noise. Cars should be quieter. Moreover, there is too much pollution. More people should ride bikes or take the bus. And most importantly, driving is too dangerous. People don’t respect and obey traffic signs. There ought to be more police directing traffic and writing fines.

Also, I can’t ever find a parking space, and even if I could, buying time on the parking meters is too expensive. There should be more parking lots. I could take the underground, but I hate the underground. It’s dirty and full of beggars and pickpockets. I once lost my mobile and wallet in the same day on the tube. The underground ought to be safer and cleaner. At least, there should be more police down there to protect me from being robbed.

Furthermore, the city can be a very dirty place. Graffiti is not an art, however you see it everywhere in the city. Additionally, there are too many pigeons in the city. They’re ugly and dirty and they look like rats with wings.

What is more, the minimum I must take out at the ATM is 50 pounds. It should be 10. I don’t have 50 pounds to waste on clothes or whatever.

Lastly, I was supposed to post a packet for Sarah, but the hole in the mailbox was too small. It should be bigger. Also, while I was trying to shove the packet in the mailbox, I stepped in a puddle and my foot was soaking wet, because the drain was overflowing. Someone should take better care of that.

I hope I don’t have to go to the city centre again for a long time.

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