Movies are a form of entertainment that everyone loves. There are many important elements that are needed to produce a great movie. The most important part of making a movie is a good story. A screenplay is needed to make a script. Next producers are the people who find the money and actors to play different roles in the film. Producers are famous for assembling great casts with many stars who can make a movie a blockbuster or a hit.

A good director like Steven Spielberg, Martin scorsese or Pedro Almodovar, is also needed. They are the people who give the actors and the film its direction and style.

A good director is also the person responsible for special effects, which is an important part of modern cinema. New special effects involve a lot of extras and new ways to shoot a film.

Music is also an important part of motion pictures. The soundtrack is something that influences emotion. It allows the audience to feel sad if the movie is a drama, or excited if the movie is an action film.

There is a big debate that argues the importance of watching a movie in its original version. Some people prefer subtitles, however other people prefer a movie to be dubbed.

One thing is for sure, a movie that is a big success leads to a sequel or a continuation of the story and more money and awards for the stars, directors, and producers.


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