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A hostel is an extremely cheap hotel where the rooms are usually large with many beds. The bedrooms are shared with between 4-10 people who may be strangers and will share one bathroom. You can pay for a cold breakfast in the morning or you can choose to use the shared kitchen to make your own food/drinks. beds are usually bunkbeds and only basic necessities are supplied.

bed and breakfast hotel

Spa Hotels: Adults and couples are more likely to stay in a spa hotel, especially if they are looking for a relaxing break. Spa hotels will have spacious rooms with a complete spa in the hotel. This hotel will include, for example, a sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym and massage facilities. It is normal in England for people to give friends gift vouchers for Spa Hotels or to go on female holidays such as  Hen Parties.

resort hotel

Business Hotels: these hotels are usually very large and of high quality. They can however be very basic in rooms and service, yet the price will be higher than a standard hotel and the location will be very important; for example close to an airport, in a big city or situated next to a motorway. These hotels will have conference rooms and normally offer wifi service. There will be the option to rent rooms in this hotel for meetings and functions as well as catering and tea and coffee service.

bussiness hoel

Self-Catering: Hotels that are self-catering are the most basic of hotels. They offer visitors a standard room or apartment which will normally include a bathroom, living space and a kitchen area. Basic utensils are supplied in the hotel but you must bring and make your own food, drink etc.

self-cathering hotel