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Direct speech: We will cut the taxes

Reported speech: The president announced that the taxes would be cut.

! You can use said or told in reported speech but they are used differently . You can't use said with an object or pronoun.NOT: He said her he love her
You must use told with an object He told her that he loved her. NOT he told that...

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Reported speech I

Use reported speech to say what another person has said

The weatherman: The weather today is sunny (present) arrow TV presenter: The weatherman said (that) the weather today was sunny (past simple)

The queen: The Prime Minister will give a speech on Monday (future) arrowTV presenter: The Queen announced (that) the Prime Minister would give a speech on Monday (conditional)

Police officer: Two men were arrested (past simple) arrow TV presenter: The police officer reported (that) two men had been arrested (past perfect)

Shop assistant: A woman in Bury has won the lottery(present perfect) arrow TV presenter: The shop assistant told us (that) a woman in Bury had won the lottery (past perfect)

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