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Main mapport

We use the present tense after if, when, as soon as and until although you are talking about the future.

In the other parts of the sentence use Will, going to, Imperative

  • when: use for something you're sure will happen
  • If: use for a possibility
Past Perect
Would + have + past participle
If the ship had had enough lifeboats nobody would have died

Third Conditional

Use the third conditional to speculate about something that happened in the past and how it could have been different.

Facts: There weren't enough lifeboats. Many people died.
Speculation 1: if there had been enough lifeboats, nobody would have died.

Speculation 2: if the coastguards had known the ship was sinking, it would have been rescued.


You can't use "would have" after "if"
Ex: If he had seen her... NOT: If he would have seen her

You can use "could/might" instead of "would" (less likely)
Ex: If the coastguards had known the ship was sinking, they could have rescued everybody

third conditional