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We use the present tense after if, when, as soon as and until although you are talking about the future.

In the other parts of the sentence use Will, going to, Imperative

  • when: use for something you're sure will happen
  • If: use for a possibility

"If" can be substiutted by the following words:

  1. "Unless + positive verb" can be used instead of "If……not" You'll be late unless you go now = You'll be late if you don't go now
  2. When Turn off the TV when you go to bed
  3. As soon as is more immediate than when. I will go to the toilet as soon as the commercials start.
  4. In case: use for something you do as a precaution. Ex: Take your umbrella in case it rains.
  5. Until (or till): up to the time when. Ex: we'll stay here until the dinner is ready
Ex: turn off the TV when you go to bed
Ex: Change the channel if you want

First Conditional

second conditional
If it rains later, we'll stay at home
In the second part of the sentence you can use "going to"or the "Imperative" as well as "Will".