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¿Why sponsor this site?

Advertising is the protagonist in the structure of the web. All visitors to our website shall be undoubtedly on your ad.

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You can generate direct visits to your website and increase traffic. By clicking on your ad, visitors will be directed straight to your website and can therefore become a potential customer.
We will provide traffic reports direct to you. This means you will be able to know exactly how many people have visited your site through us, the origin of your visitors and other key information information. Therefore you can easily evaluate the performance of your investment. We believe that transparency and trust with our customers is a fundamental part of our business model.
Let The English Alley be a tool for generating high levels of traffic quick and direct to your website. These visitors may even become customers, so not only could sponsoring this site generate higher volumes of publicity, but return your investment with us as well.
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Introduction: Who are we?

The English Alley is a unique English learning platform for everyone of all ages and abilities. It is an interactive website that transforms language study and makes learning English easy and fun.


What can we do for you? - Benefits for you.

Access to your target audience:

The audience who visits The English Alley are English learners, so what better place to put your ads?

Visibility and branding:

One of the biggest problems with banners on the internet is that they are invisible for visitors. This is mostly because they are on the sides or corners of the site or it is very intrusive. and internet users have learned to avoid them., In the English Alley we have solved those problems. Our Ad spaces are perfectly integrated within the contents of our site and aren’t intrusive at all! Visit the site and see for yourself.It’s also important to highlight that you have a great opportunity to promote your brand. Thousands of people will see you logo, motto and add. Things that you are not allowed to show in google adwords, for example.

Increase traffic on your website and be in the social network.

The adverts you will hire on our platform will definitely increase your site’s traffic. And we also can include them in our social networks. We own a Facebook group with more than 15,000 fans.

Commitment with quality.

We are a young, English learning platform and our mission is to provide high quality and novel contents. Our commitment is to continue creating contents for the following years, reaching more targets and a wider audience.


Fees and Payments


  1. 20 euros per advertisement

  2. 10 euros/CPM (meaning that you will pay 10 euros per 1.000 times that your ad has been shown) For instance, if your ad have been shown 3.475 times you will pay 30 euros, meanwhile, if your ad has been shown 3.502 times you will pay 40 euros.

Payments :

Payments will be taken the 5th of each month, and you will be charged one month in arrears.

Free trial:

We have only just started to look for new sponsors, so we will be able to offer you some benefits:

  • A trial period to see how your adverts will be shown without any commitment.

  • We will promote your site on our social media page for free.

  • For our first sponsors, we will give you a whole week of free advertising.


¡¡Sponsor one of the best free English learning platforms currently on the web and increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your site.!!

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